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I have lived in Tucson for over 25 years, though my roots were  established in Iowa. I have a bachelor's degree in Social Work from Iowa State University with an emphasis in gerontology. I have worked in medical case management in nursing facilities, hospice and a local AIDS organization. In 2004, I started my own Pilates business as a proactive solution to improve the quality of life for older adults through movement..


I joined Tucson Home Sharing  (THS) in 2023. After my Dad died in 2016, I watched my mother struggle living on half of their combined  income. Housing was her main concern and income insecurity caused a great deal of stress for such a basic need. COVID taught us that isolation is not good, especially when compounded with financial worries and health issues. I believe that home sharing address these problems and is why THS needs to exist.  My goal and hope is for Tucson residents to know they have a safe and sensible living option through home sharing.

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I have been living in shared housing most of my life, although I might not have called it by that name. I was born a Mennonite and my growing up included giving up my bedroom to various visiting missionaries.

When I bought my house in Tucson 25 years ago, I bought it with one more bedroom than I actually needed. I wanted an extra bedroom because my vision for how I would live in my elder years was always about sitting on a porch, rocking back and forth and having quiet conversations with a companion/housemate.  I serve as hands-on advisor and advocate for home sharing.

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My life has changed so much since I began sharing a home with Sharon Kha in 2016. Both of us were in our early 70’s and faced with the challenges and desires of aging in place (with purpose I might add) which has enriched our lives immensely.


Having lived alone most of my adult life (never married, no kids) I had some earlier experiences sharing a home with 4 other adults in the 70’s in the Greater Boston Area. I learned a lot about sharing the challenges and rewards of home sharing, while maintaining separate independent space. I look forward to conversations with many other homeowners and homeseekers wanting to learn more. 



I heard about Tucson Home Sharing for the first time when I met Deborah Knox and Sharon Kha about a year ago, at an event we were attending. I knew both women, but had not seen them for a while. I found the project so interesting that I soon joined the Tucson Home Sharing organization. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I already knew two other members of the board!


There are many reasons why I became involved in Tucson Home Sharing, in particular because home sharing has many advantages for homeowners and home seekers, and it addresses an important need in Tucson.  


I was also inspired by Deb’s gratitude for “aging in place with purpose” which reflects the often unexpected happiness and friendship that can result from home sharing.

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For many years, I have been involved in the International Host Family Program, serving high school, undergraduates and graduate students and found that living with individuals from diverse cultures enhanced my life and broadened my perspectives. 

I believe that home sharing also gives us innumerable chances to make new friends and live more affordably and sustainably.  When growing older, safety becomes a larger priority and homemates may provide a wonderful advantage there! 

Being active in incredibly inspiring organizations has provided meaningful opportunities to expand my knowledge and consciousness. I look forward to raising awareness of home sharing in the Tucson area and serving as a board member for Tucson Home Sharing.   

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I was introduced to the concept of home sharing as a young teenager when my parents invited foreign students to live with our family for a few months each summer. My favorite student was a 17 year old boy named Photius from the Greek Isle of Corfu. He drove me and my brother anywhere we wanted to go. Little did I realize then that this “chore,” which was requested by my parents was in exchange for an additional serving of dinner each night; he had a very big appetite! 


When our youngest child was in high school, we invited an American Field Service student from Spain to live with us for her senior year. It was a great cross-cultural experience, and we visited her and her family in Sevilla some 30 years later!

I am an arch-supporter of older adults aging in place (in their own home and neighborhood), for as long as possible; in fact, I founded and managed a local aging in place program for many years. Home sharing is an affordable choice of housing for many and reduces the risks of loneliness and isolation. As a retired R.N., I like to think that home sharing is a healthy choice for living. 



I have offered services to the Tucson community for the last 25 years through my business, OfficePlus. The business offers bookkeeping and office assistance to small business owners. I met Deborah Knox shortly after Deb’s move to Tucson and we had a quick connection. My joy and delight at watching Deb move in with Sharon and their evolving relationship prompted me to want to contribute whatever I could to the Tucson Home Sharing effort.


The Tucson Home Sharing Board is grateful to Judy Clinco for serving as a hands-on advisor of the recognizable benefits of home sharing.  As an initiator and creator of many community-based projects serving the older population, she knows how to make things happen.

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