According to AARP’s most recent polls, most older adults have a strong preference to age in place in their own homes and communities. Have you ever considered sharing your home? What would be your main reason for thinking about sharing your home with a compatible person and why even consider it? 


There are several good reasons, but here’s my take… once you get clear on this motivator, the whole process (and it is a process) gets a lot easier.  Those of us who believe in and follow the wisdom of visualization know it’s never too late to experience more joy, peace and gratitude.  After all, aren’t those some of the life experiences we longed for that brought us to this point in life?


After a few years of exploring the art of home sharing, I’ve come to realize there are four basic reasons to experience it. Knowing which of these reasons is your key motivator is the first step in moving ahead on this journey, though the others will still provide their own rewards.


Financial Savings - What will you do with the extra money you save? Some like to travel, others may feel more financial security and be able to give to children or friends.  What you charge, and whether it is an exchange of service or fees is your decision to make.  Tucson Home Sharing (THS) can help you get a handle on this. 


Safety - If not now, at some time you may need a little personal help or assistance with chores around the house.  The worst case scenario is picturing yourself lying alone on the floor for one, two or even three days.  If you don’t have your end of life planning documents in place, be sure to put your decision about where and how you want to live into the mix, creating more safety for yourself by aging in the right place at home.  


Companionship  How’s your social network?  Maybe a few friends have died, or moved away, and your children are not nearby, even if they are in the same town.  What would you like companionship for? Consider having breakfast with your home sharer and talking about your day or planning an activity together later in the week. Perhaps sharing one meal a week sounds like fun while still keeping your privacy when you want or need it most.


Adventure - It is never too late to make a big change for great rewards, personally, interpersonally, spiritually, etc.  Sharing your home with another can truly be an adventure, meeting their friends, finding what you like to do together, being more comfortable taking day trips and eating foods you’ve never eaten before.


Tucson Home Sharing Inc. has been in existence since 2019 promoting the benefits of home sharing and guiding people toward creating and sustaining long-term home sharing relationships.  If you’d like to learn more, please consider attending one of our FREE Zoom or LIVE Public Gatherings from 1-2 PM on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month (except August). Email to request an invitation.  Learning more about your likes, dislikes, preferences and priorities for home sharing will continue after the meeting when you complete the Self-Assessment Questionnaire about what’s most important to you in a home sharing relationship. We invite you to let us help you take the next steps in the process. 



Deborah Knox

Co-founder of Tucson Home Sharing

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