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If you are interested in pursuing any of the opportunities below, please call Tucson Home Sharing at 520-965-4017 to request contact information for a particular Code listing

Home Seeker:  Will consider all areas of Tucson

I am a quiet, friendly and communicative senior male (originally from New York), currently seeking a safe, friendly, accepting and emotionally stable home sharing arrangement, beginning late Summer or early Fall. An ideal home share arrangement would be to live with a member or ally of the LGBTQ community. Currently I am living in a home share situation which will soon change due to the homeowner’s upcoming marriage. I work as a caregiver for developmentally disabled persons and older adults, though I have an extensive history of professional and instructional dance along with Arizona Teacher Certification. I love to garden and have taken a course to become a Master Gardner. I also love animals and have worked in the field of entomology (study of insects). I like to cook and share meals and am willing to provide transportation when needed. I have my own furniture, TV and quite a bit of clothing and collectibles; extra storage space would be greatly appreciated. I am easy going and respectful of others’ personal time and space and I will work hard to make our home an enjoyable and safe place.         

(CODE: IN5202024)

Home Seeker:  Preference for North to Northwest and Central Tucson but all areas considered.


Active dependable senior female looking for a home to share or a guest house that could evolve into a long-term arrangement emphasizing mutual support and growth.  I need a spacious unfurnished bedroom, private bathroom, bookcase space, and some storage.  I need off-street parking, preferably shaded, for my small car.


I’m eco-conscious and follow a holistic approach to life and health.  Occasional cooking/sharing healthy meals together would be fine.  I love and enjoy pets.


I’m fairly knowledgeable regarding house and yard maintenance.  I like to live in a clean, organized, peaceful environment with a climate of reciprocity. I enjoy helping around the house with routine chores and lending support as needed. 


I am a retired ESL teacher, fine art photographer, clothing designer, importer, and organic gardener who has lived/worked around the world.  My interests include reading, wellness, exercising, meditating, and interior design. I enjoy watching documentaries/films (have my own television) and attending select community/cultural events.


I value authentic relationships and desire to find a housemate who shares some of the same interests yet maintains their own personal interests and beliefs.  Private alone time is essential but I am also open to sharing time together.  Living together in balance and harmony with open communication is a must.  

(Code: CB5324-2)

Home Seeker: Anywhere in greater Tucson area 


Senior woman with caregiving experience seeks a non-smoking, quiet home share arrangement. I would prefer to be in an all-electric home, off a main road, in a quiet neighborhood with parking. A guesthouse or two rooms with possible storage and a bathroom would be ideal. I am environmentally sensitive and wellness-oriented, so prefer nontoxic cleaning products and avoidance of pesticides. I am looking for a home sharing experience that includes basic caregiving in exchange for a negotiable financial arrangement, and can also offer homemade meals from scratch (esp. special diets), light cleaning, laundry and occasional transportation. 

My educational background is a BA in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Counseling. I am well-traveled, positive, somewhat of a foodie, and have many interests including reading, cooking/baking, health and wellness, art and beading, camping, nature, and working out. I would love to share a home and have a warm relationship with a like-minded person.

(CODE: KW424)

Home Seeker: Preference for Quiet Neighborhood and South of the Catalina Foothills 

Hi, there, Senior Home Providers. I'm a friendly, female Home Seeker who just became part of the senior cohort. My low maintenance dog (meaning she's well-trained, hypo-allergenic, non-shedding sheep-a-doodle who does dumb dog tricks) and I are ready to come keep you company as a compatible homemate and provide aging support (including but not limited to driving about town, shopping, gardening, pet care, household assistance, health support etc.). 

I work from home as a writer and I record audiobooks so I'm around the house a lot, but I keep to myself most of the time. While I prefer a space of my own like a casita, I'm fine with a sizeable bedroom where I can set up my small recording studio. I am happy to spend social time with you (such as mealtimes), tho’ I do need some quiet time every day. Please do not ask me to discuss politics and I probably won't discuss religion either. I stand fairly neutral on most subjects. As a writer, I can discuss quite a wide variety of topics. I am well-travelled, fairly well-read, and have eclectic tastes. Because of neutral standings, I can get along with almost anyone - unless you are a person who ABSOLUTELY MUST discuss politics.

(Code: DE4247973)

Home Seeker:   Broadway North to Northeast Preference 

Active, 68 year young female, retired teacher and longtime Tucsonan. Looking for private 2 room plus 1 bath space, using the 2nd room area as office. WiFi, A/C and off-street parking a must.  I prefer an environment that supports a healthy lifestyle with no smoking or drugs and is politically neutral.  I am a clean & organized person who considers herself a social introvert.  I would enjoy occasional cooking/ shared meals together but also value my personal time/space.  I have a 30 lb Queensland Heeler who gets along with cats and other dogs. I am happy to assist with pet care/pet sitting when needed, along with transportation and gardening. I enjoy daily walks, working out, reading, travel and life-long learning classes through OLLI at the U of A. 

(Code: BG424-2)

Home Seeker: North or Northeast Preference 


Consider me a live-in housekeeper, because I do chores; up to 15 hours/week of chores! Not just dishes, but maintaining the cleanliness of the toaster oven, microwave, and other appliances. Then there’s sweeping/vacuuming, taking out the trash and recyclables, changing bed linens, wash-dry-and-fold laundry, grocery shopping, and light outdoor chores. Other chores that come up sporadically include organizing closets and cabinets and sweeping out the garage/carport. I’ll also do meal prep, make-and-serve communal meals, and clean up after the meals! Transportation is definitely something we can discuss within those 15 hours per week.

I would exchange all these services, and likely more, for a private bed and bath (preferably a casita), separate (not-in-my-bedroom) craft space, off-street parking (preferably a garage), and a quiet, non-smoking, non-to-light-drinking, respectful environment.

Even though I’m a housekeeper, I have multiple certifications relating to caregiving, including CPR/AED/First Aid (expires 2026), Food Safety (expires 2027), Safe Driving, and many more! I have a letter of reference, have passed multiple background checks, and taken a basic caregiving workshop. I’m looking for a long-term shared-housing arrangement as a live-in housekeeper.

(Code. JC324616-2)



Home Seeker: Westside Preference

Single man, late 50s, seeking a quiet place to share or guest house. 

Target moving date: between mid-June and mid-July, 2024.  

Furnished or unfurnished; at least 550 sq. ft. of space desired, incl. private bedroom and at least ½ bath. 

Needed amenities: parking space, Cox fixed-wire internet capability, and secure mailbox.

Can assist with grocery shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping, pet care and laundry.

Financial arrangements negotiable.

I have lived happily with both cats and dogs, none currently.

Preferred age range of housemates: 40-65.

I am mostly easygoing, optimistic and reliable. Seeking the same qualities in housemates. 

Among my favorite conversation topics are music, politics, investments, fitness and nutrition; MBTI: INTJ.

I am not compatible with smokers, frequent partiers, and Republicans/conservatives.

I play music often, but not loudly; mostly classical and easy listening.

(Code. JP324)

Home Seeker: Near-Northwest, River and Oracle

Fairly active, somewhat nerdy (after career with scientists and engineers), senior female seeking casita or home share with private bedroom and bath, and WiFi.  A happy home with access to nature would be ideal.  Early riser, coffee, and Wordle.  Neatnik.  Like animals, especially horses. Animals usually like me.  Can do grocery shopping, outdoor watering, and some animal care. Not so good at cooking, but good at kitchen clean-up.  No smoking or drugs.  Enjoy privacy and quiet time, as well as some shared time.  Interests include healthy aging, tai chi, organic gardening, energy healing, and genealogy. 

Home Seeker: Eastside Preference

I am an active senior, female nature-lover working part time as a teacher with primary leisure activities of book club, the gym, church activities and spending time with close friends. 

I am looking for a home sharing arrangement (or a casita) in the Catalina Foothills or on Tucson’s east side. If home sharing, a private bedroom (preferably unfurnished) and bath with shared common area would be ideal. I prefer kitchen privileges with occasional shared cooking and meals and would appreciate cupboard space for food, a small amount of cookware/dishes, part of the refrigerator/ freezer and a place to park my car.

I enjoy mornings with quiet time outdoors and can contribute gardening time and other household assistance to the home provider. Pets are ok too.
I do enjoy conversation but am not looking for constant talk. My former work experience includes administration of assisted living homes and a Montessori School. A quiet, peaceful, tidy environment is important to me; I would not be comfortable with a TV or music playing constantly or loudly.

I am currently in a home sharing situation which has been very harmonious.  The home provider’s circumstances have changed and I am looking for new arrangements.

References are available upon request.

(Code. JW981024) 

Home Seeker: Midtown Preference 

I am a 30 year old single female with a 10 month old baby seeking a quiet and safe home. I recently received my Master’s degree from the U of A and am in the process of interviewing for jobs now. My interests include crocheting, reading and research in the fields of science and engineering. My child goes to daycare during the week. I am a quiet and friendly housemate who can offer light housekeeping, running errands and some household assistance. We prefer a home with no smoking or drinking. I am originally from Taiwan and can make you authentic Chinese food. I have a desk and office chair, but need a bed and small storage area, along with nearby access to public transportation. My preference is for a midtown location, but other areas will be considered. (Code. EC961024)

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